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Find Info On is dedicated to some of the things that will interest you, amaze you, challenge you and make you question the view from which you see this world through.

The site is broken up into 4 main sections, 3D Tattoos Library, Video Library, News that Inspires and our Blog.

Tattoos in 3D

The 3D Tattoos Gallery is a celebration of some of the most astounding pieces of body art. A tattoo is a special thing; it is a part of you, a part of your identity forever. They can promote love or hate, awe or embarrassment but what they all share in common is that they are all art on the most personal level. All the greatest painters painted on canvas but by doing so they have separated themselves from their art, they kill the concept of the artist by finishing a painting because the painting will continue to exist in a space separate from the artist no longer in need of the artist. But with tattoos, the art and the artist becomes one in the same. The creator reflects the art and the art reflects the creator. Collected here are some of the most inspiring pieces of body art. They give us an amazing insight into what lies beneath the skin (sometimes in a more literal way).

Thought Provoking Video Library

Our Video Library consist of videos spanning some of the most controversial and esoteric subjects to have graced us as humans. Some explore the ideas of life on other planets whilst others explore life on this planet and all its mysteries. We love the fact that these people have opinions, theories and views on phenomenon even though they are not peer reviewed or as widely accepted as other scientific ventures may be but many of the views expressed on these videos are formed with passion for the subject and in most cases you can’t ask for more than that. Videos range from strange and terrifying concepts like the Bermuda triangle and shark attacks to very real scientific ventures like the Concorde and the Earth’s core. Whether you are looking to expand your horizon or reinforce a subject you are already aware of you can do so here.

Inspirational News and Events

Humanity can be a cruel and unforgiving bunch but it is also a source of real and genuine inspiration. Visit News That Inspires. When watching these videos we should consider their moral lessons and apply them to ourselves in an attempt to create a better world for all. Some of the articles and videos will restore your sense of faith in the human race as we see people dedicating their lives to creating greener technologies. Or watch in awe as our perceptions of a Goth stereotype are completely broken down a guy wows an entire audience with the quality and tone of his voice. All are must see and must read news.

Ever had a day where you wanted to learn how to make gasoline at home before getting some help on what high quality Dental Care to choose? Well these are some of the latest articles you can check out our blog where we have a truly eclectic range of topics, ideas and subjects for you to peruse. Through our pages and pages of blog posts you’ll find other such gems as how to deal with acne, fashion tips, SSD recovery and even how to become a personal Chef! It might start out as a time killer but once you start to read, you’ll be surprised at all the things you can learn about a whole range of topics. By the time you get through all of them you’ll have enough conversation to impress your friends every time you meet up for drinks in the next couple of months! That is of course when you are not running your new Michelin star restaurant and catching record bass at your favourite fishing spot.

If you have seen anything on the site you have an opinion on or have your own amazing blog post that will intrigue or inspire you can certainly contact us and we will consider publishing your work. Just bear in mind that we are a public site so we won’t tolerate any hateful, unlawful or adult only topics. If any are submitted they will be immediately rejected. Knowing this, parents can be safe knowing their children are well protected from the half of humanity we shun and are only exposed to the inspiring side.

So whenever you are ready to see the best this world has to offer, so are we!